What person in the world has not thought about his own personal ancestry? Most of us are able to research back a few generations, or even a few hundred years. However, tracing back the ancestry of a nation takes one into a much greater and more complex dimension altogether. Logic would suggest that if it is possible to trace back our own personal ancestries, one ought also to be able to do the same for a nation.

Stephen Spykerman’s revolutionary new book is indeed A Game-Changer in every sense of the word, as it boldly overturns erroneous and long-held views of our respective nations ancestral roots.

I was stunned at the mountain of evidence the author assembled. While there are those who may quarrel with certain minor assertions and interpretations, there is no doubt that the concrete evidence amassed in support of his central theme is truly overwhelming. Shining light upon the true origins of our nations that have lain in the dark for such a long time, the writer has empowered us to change our perceptions about the fabulous histories of our peoples in a most meaningful way. Every page of this fascinating work is simply enthralling and truly a Game Changer.

Viscount Michael Allenby of Megiddo

House of Lords, London

This two volume set of books are currently sold out. However, listed below is what is currently available until arrangements can be made to have more books printed.

Thank you for your understanding on this issue at this time and thank you for your continued interest in learning about "WHO" Israel really is. For those who "want" to know, this is an exciting journey for them.

  1. A Game Changing Revelation by: Stephen Spykerman (This is volume 1 only.)

  2. A Game Changing Revelation by: Stephen Spykerman (This is volume 1 only.)

  3. A Game Changing Revelation by: Stephen Spykerman (This is volume 2 only.)

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