Can nations be traced back to one man?

Can nations be traced back to one man? The answer has to be an emphatic ‘yes,’ as the Arab nations, as well as the Jews trace their descent from Abraham. In fact the patriarch Abraham received a divine promise that he was destined to become a “Father of Nations.” It is widely accepted that the many Arabic nations we see in the Middle East today are descended from this great patriarch. Furthermore, it is common knowledge that the Jews are yet another nation or people that have sprung from his loins. Could it possibly be that apart from these Arabic and Jewish peoples, there may be other nations descended from this same Abraham?

Our challenge is to find the answer to this question. Then, we need to prove, verify and confirm the answer. As we consider the origins of America and Great Britain’s hidden ancestors we need to bear in mind the account of what happened to the great fifteenth century astronomer and mathematician, Galileo.

Learning from Galileo—the Heretic

Remember poor old Galileo, who discovered that the earth was a sphere and that it travelled in a trajectory around the sun? Unfortunately, his theory was utterly revolutionary to the conventional wisdom of his day. For centuries man believed that the earth was the center of the universe, and that the sun went around the earth! It was considered inconceivable that it might be the other way round. It subsequently became known as the flat earth controversy. Galileo consequently was denounced as a heretic. He was arrested by the infamous Inquisition and then forced under extreme torture to retract his theory. Here we have a vivid example of a situation where the thinking of intelligent, national and religious leaders was so completely set in concrete that they could not accept any theory that challenged their long-held view. It was the majority of mankind who believed that the earth was flat, so much so that sailors sailed close to the coastal contours of land, so as not to risk falling off the edge of the world. The irony is that the flat earth majority were wrong, whereas Galileo was right. This just goes to show how important it is to keep an open mind, so that we do not miss the reality of what is true.

Galileo started with a premise

In studying the ancestry of our nations we need to employ the same open-minded attitude Galileo displayed towards the accepted wisdom of the world. Galileo started with a premise. His approach was to apply method of observation and careful measurement to the problem, rather than relying on folklore and the commonly held views of the opinion makers of his day. He had the courage to start with a premise that nobody else of his generation was prepared to consider. Having posed the question, he then went out of his way to see if there was any evidence to support his idea. This is why he discovered new things about our planet and solar system.

This research into the ancient and long hidden ancestry of our nations is bound to take us into uncharted territory. Like Galileo before us, we too may be going against the mainstream wisdom of the majority. If we are to discover the truth about our nations’ origins, we too need to start with a premise that goes against all of the accepted wisdom of modern society. We too risk being exposed to ridicule and scorn as we apply the enquiring mind and method of Galileo. Like Galileo we may discover that majority opinion frequently is wrong.

The fact is that none of us knows it all. Those who are truly wise find that the more they learn, the more they discover how little they know, as any honest scientist or researcher will attest. It is always possible to learn something new. If we allow our minds to be ruled by the built-in prejudices we as individuals all are prone to, we will never learn anything new or worthwhile. It is a fact of human behavior that we all seem naturally inclined to instantly reject the unfamiliar. It is also true to say that, just because a particular concept or theory does not fit in with our ideas, it therefore of necessity has to be wrong.

A most ancient secret

When speaking of Britain and America’s hidden origins we are talking about a secret that is already some 4,000 years old. It is the secret of most ancient roots and independent nationhood. The incredible message of this book is that the English and the other tribes that make up the British Isles, as well as her American and Commonwealth cousins, are a people every bit as ancient as the Egyptians, Persians and Babylonians of old. Why should this surprise us? We are set to discover that the British and the American people originate from a civilization that is much older than that of ancient Greece or Rome. The revelation of this hitherto largely hidden knowledge will forever change our perspective of who and what we really are as a people. Frankly, this long hidden secret changes almost everything generally believed about the ancestry of the English. It will also explain much of our English-speaking nations’ history as well. It will explain for instance why Great Britain came to her time of global dominion first, and why it was necessary for her then to quickly hand over her leadership role to her American cousins, who, at least for the time being, are the current unchallenged rulers of the earth. Just think, is it not curious that Great Britain arrived at her position of global supremacy first, and America second? Is there more than meets the eye to this development of history? Might it be that the key to the answer lies in our hidden ancestry?

Interestingly, if we were to ask an Arab who his ancestral father was, he would be able to give you an immediate answer, as any Arab knows that he is a direct descendant of Ishmael the son of Abraham. This same Ishmael, who lived around 2000 B.C., fathered no fewer than twelve sons, and from each of these Ishmaelite patriarchs or princes sprang twelve distinct Arab tribes. Today, not only can most Arabs tell you that they are descended from Abraham through his son Ishmael, but also quite a few of them will be able to tell you from which of the twelve Arab tribal princes their family originates. What marvelous continuity these ancient people can boast of, and what assurance it must give them. This is something that most of us in the Western world simply cannot even begin to conceive, let alone understand.

Abraham—the Father of Nations

Most people in our western society would think they are doing quite well if they can trace their ancestry back to their great grandparents. Can you imagine being able to trace your family origins to a specific person who lived 4,000 years ago?

Yet, this is the incredible heritage of every Arab person. In direct consequence, there are few people in the world today who have a stronger identity than the Arab nation. As we observe their noble dignity, epitomized in the flowing robes of their dress, we can almost imagine how they were 4,000 years ago. They probably are not much different today from what they were then. What an amazing pedigree the Arab peoples have!

The Arabs are not the only ones, as the Jews too claim descent from Abraham. The Arabs have descended from Ishmael, whose mother was a bondwoman or concubine in Abraham’s household. By all accounts she was no ordinary woman, as she was of most noble birth, being the daughter of the then Pharaoh of Egypt. Nevertheless, she was not Abraham’s wife, and this was the reason why the inheritance went to Isaac, his legitimate son and heir. The Jewish people claim descent through Isaac, whose mother was Sarah, Abraham’s lawful wife. The Jewish people too, much like their Arab half-brothers, have a very clear and distinct identity, the focus of which is their religious observance and most especially their adherence to the keeping of the seventh day Sabbath.

What is our premise?

Our premise revolves around Abraham being designated a ‘Father of Nations.’ The question that flows from this statement surely is: How many nations is Abraham the father of? Are the Jews, together with the dozen or so Arab nations of the Middle East, the only nations that have descended from Abraham? Might there be others? Could it be that America and Great Britain have descended from this same patriarch, or is that too farfetched to even consider? What we have here is a revolutionary idea every bit as politically incorrect and unacceptable to our modern twenty-first century society, as was Galileo’s idea to his society in the fifteenth century. Do you want to know the answer? If you do, let us boldly follow in Galileo’s footsteps and courageously state our seemingly impossible premise that the British and American peoples are descendants of Abraham. Before we embark on this exciting quest we need to first of all check our commitment, as without it we will not complete the course. The key to a successful search is to start from the right place. That place is the acceptance that it might just be true that our Anglo-Saxon and Celtic peoples have indeed descended from the patriarch Abraham. If our premise can be proved to be true, it will surely have the most profound implications for our respective nations. For one thing we will come to see our history in a completely different light. We will perhaps for the first time understand why we are so different from the other nations and peoples of this world.

Where is the evidence?

In starting from our premise that America and Great Britain may have descended from Abraham through his ‘legitimate’ son Isaac, we are setting ourselves on a journey of discovery. As we set out into this unexplored territory we are bound to come across many obstacles. The first we are likely to encounter is that of secular history. Most people with only the slightest understanding of the book of Genesis, in which the story of Abraham and his household is told, will tell you that you are on a hiding to nothing, “Where is the evidence?” The British and American people don’t keep the Jewish Sabbath, they don’t speak Hebrew, they don’t keep a kosher diet, and they don’t have a legendary history of wandering in the wilderness marching towards a Promised Land! The whole idea sounds preposterous! The fact is that secular history does not confirm any relationship that connects modern day Americans and Britons with Abraham or his son Isaac. If it did, we would all know about it, as we would have been taught it at our schools as part of our normal curriculum. Yet, once we start out from the premise that, despite all the evidence to the contrary, it may be true that America and Great Britain and her Commonwealth kin have descended from Abraham through his son Isaac, we are bound to discover new things. Like Galileo before us, we are going against the mainstream of accepted knowledge ready to conquer entrenched frontiers of prejudice. As we pursue our premise we may possibly discover tantalizing historical signposts that may have been overlooked by the historians of this world. It is all too easy to overlook something when you are not looking for it anyway. Our quest on the other hand is to look and search for linkage. One thing is bound to lead to another. Hopefully we will uncover some interesting evidence that may prove a possible link between our nations and the great Hebrew patriarchs of old.

Extract from: A Game-Changing Revelation, Volume I - by, Stephen J. Spykerman

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