The author wishes to disassociate himself from mainstream Anglo or British-Israelism as he believes it to be a creed that has become tarnished by the twin evils of racism and anti-Semitism. Whereas the early writers of the British-Israel movement were honourable men who based their ideas on the Bible, some presented their case more responsibly than others. The danger inherent in the British-Israel movement was its belief that its adherents were the ‘chosen nation.’ This definition sadly led many to interpret it in a certain way, which caused them to fall into the trap of racial superiority. Yet, the real question is not so much ‘why’ one is chosen, but rather ‘what’ one is chosen for? To be chosen generally means that you have been selected to perform a task. It does not mean you are better than anybody else! The movement also fell in the usual trap of replacement theology, which teaches that all the covenantal promises made to Abraham’s descendant now do not apply anymore to the Jews. This blasphemous and highly anti-Semitic theory is a doctrine of demons which is found, with some notable exceptions, in most Christian Churches, as well as in all of the Mosques of Islam.

Anyone coming with this kind of message therefore has to overcome mountains of prejudice. The broth has been thoroughly spoiled by erroneous interpretations of the Scriptures by many British-Israel writers. With the racist ‘identity’ movement stealing the concept of Anglo-British Israelism and applying it to their own vile ends, the well has become even more polluted. Historians and religionists have since increased the confusion. The secularization of society coupled with the pernicious dogmas of political correctness has added a further bitter harvest. Nevertheless, in this poison brew there lies buried an unmistakable grain of truth. Once this truth is found it opens up a whole new world of understanding, which needs to be treated with great care, as you have found a pearl of great price! In fact you have discovered a long hidden key that will unlock the prophecies of the Bible, which will also make them totally relevant to our time today.

(British Israelism)

Author – Stephen J. Spykerman

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