How Great Britain gave Israel the Bomb!


October 2017

According to an article in The Guardian Newspaper, (March 10, 2006), Great Britain secretly supplied the 20 tons of heavy water to Israel, [at the time of writing], now nearly sixty years ago, which enabled it to make nuclear weapons. According to the report the BBC News Night reporter Meirion Jones found a number of declassified files in an obscure Foreign Office counter-proliferation archive, which were lying unnoticed in the public records office. According to the files officials in the MacMillan government deliberately concealed the transaction from the U.S. The full page Guardian article goes on to say that; the deal was concealed from the U.S., because it was known to be hostile to nuclear proliferation. They believed that the Eisenhower administration might have insisted on unacceptable conditions which would have scuppered the sale. When Robert McNamara became U.S. defense secretary in 1961, he and President Kennedy strived to stop Israel from going on to build nuclear weapons. He told News Night last night that he had never known of Britain’s behavior at the time. “The fact Israel was trying to develop a nuclear bomb should not have come as a surprise to me,” he said. “It’s very surprising to me that we weren’t told because we shared information about the nuclear bomb very closely with the British.” Britain had got the heavy water from Norway for its own military purposes, but then chose a different technological route making the material surplus to requirement. Norway refused to cancel the heavy water contract, and it must have been tempting for those in charge of budgets to get their money back. The cover story was that the heavy water was “understood to be required by Israel for peaceful use in a reactor connected with desert irrigation.” Accordingly, in June 1959, and again the following June, two lots of heavy water of 10 tons each were, according to a note by Alan Brooke-Turner, then first secretary at the Foreign and Colonial Office in charge of disarmament, “put on board Israeli ships at a UK port” and shipped out to Dimona.

According to a further authoritative article by Richard Norton Taylor of The Guardian Newspaper dated March 10th 2006, Britain also secretly supplied Israel with plutonium during the 1960s despite a warning from military intelligence that it could help the Israelis to develop a nuclear bomb. The deal, made during Harold Wilson’s Labour government, is revealed in classified documents released under the Freedom of Information Act and obtained by BBC2’s News Night Programme.

The documents also show how Britain made hundreds of shipments to Israel of material which could have helped in its nuclear weapons program, including compounds of uranium, lithium, beryllium and tritium, as well as heavy water. (Richard Norton-Taylor, Friday March 10, 2006, The Guardian.)

It certainly is a most remarkable revelation and without a doubt one of the best kept secrets of the 20th century. Thus, Great Britain not only instigated the very conception and subsequent birth of the Jewish State, but also helped her subsequently to steal the most strategic military march on her enemies. Israel’s nuclear weapons are to be seen as her ‘Sampson Option’ to be used only as weapons of last resort. The Bible makes it clear that Israel will be shortly forced to use her nuclear ‘Sampson Option’ in order to avoid total annihilation by her Islamic enemies.

Once again we witness exactly the same historic pattern we have so often seen before. Great Britain, alias Ephraim, arrives on the scene first, to assist in the birth of the new nation, whereas America, alias Manasseh, then seamlessly takes over to protect and maintain her with his might. The plain facts of history are that without Great Britain’s initial assistance through the concerted lobbying of many dedicated British Zionists, her great victory over the Ottoman Empire, her glorious liberation of Jerusalem, as well as through the early years of her Mandate, the Jews would never have got their national independence. It is also a fact of life that without the consistent protection of the United States of America, it is doubtful whether the Israeli State would still exist today. It is wonderful to see the outworking of prophecy in modern history, as both these two ‘Birth-Right’ sons of Joseph are used to help their older brother Judah on his feet as an independent nation. In this we have yet another mighty proof of the Israelite origins of the English-speaking peoples.


Taken from an original article published by:

Stephen J Spykerman

England, August 9, 2007.


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