Did You Know That Abraham’s Wife Sarah Was Called To Be A ‘Mother of Nations ?

The above flags represent the seventeen nations in which the tribes of Israel are likely to predominate, although many hundreds of millions besides are scattered in other nations around the world. (Illustration taken from the new April 2017 edition of; “Who Are You America? - Time to Lift Your Prophetic Veil” by Stephen J Spykerman. Published by: Mount Ephraim Publishing. To order your Copy, click HERE.

The Promise to Sarah in Genesis 17:16 confirms our assessment of the true implications of the Blessing of Abraham – that it includes ‘Goyim.’

Judah’s Sceptre calling is primarily of a ‘spiritual’ nature and this commission remained with the kingdom of Judah. The Jewish people today are the modern descendants of that kingdom as well as the inheritors of that great calling. Joseph’s Birthright commission appears to be of a more ‘physical’ kind. Joseph’s calling is to become ‘many nations’ that are to become ‘exceedingly fruitful’ and ‘as the stars of the heaven and as the sand which is on the seashore’ and a source of ‘physical’ blessing to all the nations of the earth.

Here we can deduce from God’s promise that through Abraham’s seed “all the families of the earth shall be blessed” has a dual application. Firstly, it speaks of a ‘Spiritual’ blessing coming through the ‘Sceptre’ and secondly, it speaks of a ‘Physical’ blessing flowing from the ‘Birthright.’ Already here in the book of Genesis, we see conflict with the commonly held beliefs of the Church regarding Israel. The Church largely maintains Israel to be only one nation, whereas the Bible informs us that the descendants of Abraham through his son Isaac are to become many nations! Judah too will be found amongst those many nations.

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