The Pyramid of Giza on the Obverse of the Great Seal

What does it mean? - Is it a Masonic symbol?

By: Stephen J. Spykerman

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In its original state, shining in the sun, and so reflecting its rays, the Great Pyramid was supposed to be visible from the moon as a brilliant star on earth. This phenomenon was caused by the smooth, highly polished limestone blocks, which originally served as a covering for the Pyramid. These white marble blocks of some 35 feet square, were called casing stones, which covered the four sides. Each side has an area of five and one quarter acres, which acted as gigantic mirrors reflecting great beams of light that, could be seen for many miles around. (*3)

Most remarkably, those casing stones were numbered to approximate 144,000. This number immediately evokes the Scripture recorded in the Book of Revelation regarding the 144,000 servants’ foreheads being sealed, 12,000 from each tribe. (*4)

Many consider that pyramids have been adopted by Freemasons as a Masonic emblem. Might this be true; Are pyramids a Masonic symbol? No, this is pure fiction created by Dan Brown, the author of the Da Vinci Code. Pyramids do not appear in regular Masonic ritual or symbolism, and Masons did not put the “unfinished pyramid and the all seeing eye” on the back of the U.S. Dollar! (*5)

Ancient Israel’s experience in Egypt truly was a formative one, as the nation was birthed in Egypt. Joseph was instrumental in saving the whole household of Jacob by establishing them in Egypt. Joseph was also the only one of the sons of Jacob, who married an Egyptian woman, and thus the blood of Egypt as well as the blood of Jacob/Israel is intermingled in the descendants of Joseph. This same Joseph ruled over Egypt for eighty years. His father Jacob lived the last seventeen years of his life in Egypt. It was in Egypt that the 12 sons of Jacob and their families grew into a great multitude. (Exodus 1:7). Add to this the fact that Abraham and his wife Sarah also spent considerable time in Egypt – See Genesis 12:10. Even the great King Solomon married an Egyptian princess, the daughter of Pharaoh. It should not surprise us therefore to find Egyptian symbolism in American heraldry, such as is found on the obverse of the Great Seal. The truth is that without this reference to Egypt the heraldic evidence would not be complete.

Above the pyramid and the “all seeing eye of God” is the Latin Motto “ANNUIT COEPTIS” – which literally means; “HE HAS PROSPERED OUR UNDERTAKINGS.” This is highly significant, as in this motto we have a direct reference to JOSEPH, whose Hebrew name “JOSAFE” means “LET HIM ADD,” a name that signifies PROSPERITY The words of Genesis 39:2-3 & verse 23 indicate that; “God made all that Joseph did to prosper in his hand.” Here we have the same words describing the prosperity of Joseph in this ‘Annuit Coeptis’ moto. Could this really be down to mere coincidence? Another point of interest is that this motto is composed of 13 letters, the number that is the signature of Manasseh, the firstborn son of Joseph, and the13th tribe of Israel.

The Influence of Freemasonry

The cult of Freemasonry has abrogated a number of the above symbols. Some conspiracy theories state that the Great Seal of America shows a sinister influence by Freemasonry in the founding of the United States. Such theories usually claim that the “Eye of Providence,” the “All seeing Eye,” is a common Masonic emblem, and that the Great Seal was created by Freemasons.

(The Great Pyramid of Giza)

The obverse of the Great Seal of the United States of America is dominated by the image of the Great Pyramid of Giza with its tell-tale thirteen steps proclaiming oneness and unity. Many will be surprised to discover that The Great Pyramid of Giza is referred to by both the Prophet Jeremiah and Isaiah respectively. Jeremiah states: “You have set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt.” The Prophet Isaiah affirms the same, although he provides more information, as to its purpose and exact location, as follows: “In that day there will be an altar to the LORD in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the LORD at its border.” (*1)

“The Great Pyramid was placed in the exact centre of all the land area of the world! Lines drawn through the north-south and east-west axis of the Pyramid divide equally the earth’s terrain. It stands on the northern edge of the Giza (Gizeh) Plateau, 198 feet above sea level; this plateau was called Giza, which is the Arabic word for edge or border.” In this we see a connection with the above quoted Scripture in Isaiah, yet people have surmised, how can it possibly stand in the midst of the land of Egypt, whilst at the same time serving as a pillar or monument to God at its border? (*2)

One possible answer to this apparent contradiction is that ancient Egypt was divided into Upper and Lower Egypt. The lines produced by the two diagonals of the Pyramid, to the northwest and northeast, enclose the fertile Nile Delta; thus embracing the fan-shaped country of Lower Egypt. The Great Pyramid, therefore, was located at the centre of Egypt, as well as at the border between Lower and Upper Egypt. The Great Pyramid is the largest building in the world and covers slightly over thirteen acres. It contains ninety million cubic feet of masonry, enough to build thirty Empire State buildings. The corners of the building’s base are marked by stones sunk into the solid rock. The height is 485 feet, equal to a 48-story modern skyscraper. The top piece or capstone was never set in place, having been rejected by the builders. It should be pointed out that the capstone (Head Stone) is also the chief corner stone, since all the four corners of the building converge in that one stone at the top. Thus it alone, of all the stones in the structure, is the only one that is over all the four corners.

While the “Eye of Providence” is today a common Masonic motif, this was not the case during the 1770/80’s, (the decades when the Great Seal was designed and approved). According to David Barret, a Masonic researcher, the ‘Eye’ seems to have been used only sporadically by the Masons in those decades, and was not adopted as a common Masonic symbol until 1797, several years after the Great Seal of the United States had already been designed. (*6)

The ‘Eye,’ on the other hand was a fairly common Christian motif throughout the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and was commonly used as such in Europe as well as America throughout the 18th century.

Furthermore, contrary to the claims of these conspiracy theories, the Great Seal was not created by Freemasons. (*7)

While Benjamin Franklin was a Mason, he was the only member of any of the various Great Seal committees definitely known to be so, and his ideas were not adopted. (*8)

Of the four men whose ideas were adopted, neither Charles Thomson, Pierre Du Simitiere nor William Barton were Masons and, while Francis Hopkinson has been alleged to have had Masonic connections, there is no firm evidence to support the claim. (*9)

It is a well-documented fact that George Washington, as well as some of the other founding fathers of the Republic were masons. Yet, masons claim their craft originates with Solomon, that great King of Israel. Therefore it should not surprise us to find Israelite or even Egyptian symbols in masonic regalia. We also need to take into account that Satan, the enemy of God and man, is known as the author of confusion. His method is to counterfeit that which is of God. He takes that which is holy and corrupts twists and pollutes it by creating a fake counterfeit of the real thing in order to orchestrate maximum confusion. The fact that there are certain occult associations with the symbol of the “All seeing eye of God,” does not take away its true origin as a representation of ‘all seeing eye of God,’ the Omnipresent and Omnipotent Creator of the universe. Satan, who is the declared enemy of God, wishes to thwart and obstruct God’s purpose at every turn. This is why he hates Israel, and why he wishes to sow doubt and confusion to distract attention from anything that points to America’s Hebrew heritage. He wishes to keep all Americans, as well as all of the myriads’ of descendants of Jacob scattered around the world in total darkness about their true origins and extraordinary Hebrew ancestry.

(The Obverse Side of the U.S. One Dollar Bill)


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