(The Royal Robing Room)

A Secret from the Royal Robing Room

Another most remarkable sign of Britain’s royal connections with the Shield of David is found in the Royal Robing Room in the Palace of Westminster in the House of Lords in London. The Queen’s Robing Room is a private room over which the sovereign has complete authority. The room is the Queen’s private chamber she uses but once a year for the purpose of being robed in her royal robes for the opening of Parliament. The room contains a magnificent throne situated on a dais three steps above the floor. The wooden parquet floor surrounding the red carpet of the steps and the dais is of the finest quality and within its borders it contains the most magnificent marquetry using different coloured woods. The border is divided into nineteen squares and each square contains the Shield of David! If this is not amazing in and of itself, it does not end there, as each Star of David emblem contains a further uniquely Israelite emblem at its centre. These alternating emblems refer respectively to the ‘Rose of Sharon’ and a version of the ‘Breastplate of the High Priest.’ The ‘Rose of Sharon’ portrayed within the Shield of David has twelve petals symbolising the Twelve Tribes of Israel. In this we have the most astounding visual evidence that this royal throne does indeed represent the Royal Throne of King David of Israel.

Just let us pause for a moment and consider the question: “Why would the British Royal House of Windsor in all of their heraldic emblems proclaim their connection with Israel and the Royal House of David?

Why would they do it if it were not true?

(The Rose of Sharon)

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