Why Is the Star of David on the Swords of Both the United States Marines and British Officer’s?

The six-pointed star commonly known as the Star of David is a unique Israelite symbol which, as the name implies has royal connections with King David of Israel.

Its correct name is ‘The Shield of David’ or, in the Hebrew language, ‘Magen David.’ This symbol has its roots in the Ancient Paleo Hebrew alphabet, which was the predecessor of the present Hebrew alphabet. A remarkable feature of this ancient alphabet is that all of its twenty two letters fit into the ‘Magen David.’ In this 4,000 year old Paleo Hebrew alphabet the equivalent of the English letter ‘D,’ i.e. the Hebrew letter Dalet, was shaped like a triangle. Thus this ancient triangular shaped Dalet was used at both the beginning and the end of the name ‘DAVID.’ We need to bear in mind that vowels are not used in either ancient or Modern Hebrew. King David was the great warrior king of Israel, who never once lost a battle, and the Israelite armies that were led by him bore the Star of David – two interlaced Dalets to signify the first and last letters of their King’s name. In this we can see the origins of the term the ‘Shield of David’ or in the Hebrew language the ‘Magen David.’

It was used as a Royal Seal

This Shield of David is also sometimes referred to as the Seal of Solomon. King David in all probability used it as the symbol of his royal authority, rather than his son King Solomon. A royal seal is the ‘mark’ that signifies the king’s authority on documents, and it would also be used to identify those servants of the king, who are carrying out a commission under the authority of the Crown. The six-pointed star comprising an upright and an inverted pyramid may be considered symbolic of the union of the divine with the earthly. Today we would instantly recognise it as the official flag of the State of Israel. Ironically, the Jews are not really entitled to the national name ‘Israel,’ as has already been covered in previous articles; this name was formally given to the two sons of Joseph by the patriarch Jacob. (Genesis 48:16). The Jews, who are from the tribe of Judah, would more accurately proclaim their true identity by flying a flag containing the emblem of the Lion of Judah. They are descendants of the House of Judah, not of the House of Israel.  Nevertheless, their use of the Shield of David on their national flag and on their synagogues and their rabbinical courts is very significant. It is a clear indication that they look upon it as a mark of Israelite identity and as a support for their claim of descent from the people over whom the House of David reigned. We can see that this emblem has been, and still is, used as evidence of a claimed relationship to ancient Israel and the Throne of David. *9

This raises a stark question . . . .

If the modern State of Israel uses it to indicate a direct relationship to ancient Israel and the Throne of David – “WHY ON EARTH DO THE UNITED STATES AND GREAT BRITAIN USE IT?”

“What do you mean, – Why do the United States and Great Britain use it?”  Unbelievable as it sounds, even in this 21st century, both the armed forces of America and Great Britain use the Shield of David all the time! The plain fact is that in the armed forces of both nations’ officers receive their commission from the President in the case of the U.S., and from the Sovereign King or Queen in the case of Great Britain. Those Officers are, in effect, an instrument and an extension respectively either of the President or the Sovereign’s authority. The curious thing is that in both the United States of America and in Great Britain, the symbol of that authority is the Shield of David. In the United States only the officers in the Marines receive this distinction. U.S. Marine Corp advertisements often display a fearsome Marine in full dress uniform drawing a beautiful sword. If you look carefully you can see the Star/Shield of David engraved immediately below the hilt of the sword. If in doubt, ask any Marine!

(‘Magen David’ Emblem on British Rifleman’s Commissioned Officers Sword
owing allegiance to the British Crown)

(The Star of David)

U. S. Marine Corps Sword

In the United States however, the officers of the U.S. military derive their authority from the President, who is the head of all three branches of the armed forces. In the U.K. all officers are awarded a sword, as a symbol of their commission, whereas in the U.S. only the members of Marine Corps receive this distinction. U.S. Marine Corps recruiting advertisements usually display a fearsome Marine in full dress uniform carrying a beautiful sword. If you carefully look, you can clearly see the “Star of David,” just below the hilt of the sword. If in doubt, ask any Marine! Is it not curious that both America and Great Britain use this Davidic symbol in their armed forces as a symbol of their authority? *11

(The letters of the Paleo Hebrew alphabet fit into the Star of David)

(WW1 – WW2 British Australian Navy Officers Sword & Scabbard – Note the Star of David)

(USA Marines corps sword – note the Shield of David)

Apparently the practice of marking officers’ swords with the Shield of David is comparatively modern, having begun in 1830. However the use of this Davidic emblem in the British Isles goes back many centuries before 1830, as many old Scottish regiments used it well before this date. The Shield of David also appears in the Arms of several of the old Scottish noble families, such as those of the Duke of Buccleuch and Lord Napier for instance. There is also a most ancient cup belonging to the Chief of the Clan MacLeod that confirms the connection between the British Royal House and the House of David. This family heirloom of the Kings of Ulster was given to the chief of the Clan MacLeod in the eighth century. Thus it is over thirteen hundred years old, yet the central decoration is the Shield of David. This becomes very significant when we remember that the British Royal Family is descended through the kings of Scotland from the Kings of Ulster. Even today, the central shield of the Arms of Northern Ireland carries King David’s six-pointed star. *12

(The Red Hand flag of Northern Ireland)

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